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Monday, 21 October 2013

Rotolo, a new way with pasta by Jamie Oliver..

Rotolo inspired by Jamie Oliver

When I saw Jamie Oliver making this  in his new series "Save" with Jamie, I drooled so much, that I knew I had to make it.  He did make it look easy and the recipe is described as "moderate" in level of difficulty, but there are one or two pitfalls to be aware of. 

It is basically a form of canneloni or rolled up lasagne with a vegetarian filling of butternut squash and spinach.  It does not contain the amounts of cheese that are normally found in Italian food either, so it comes in at a moderate 430 calories per portion, again surprising for a very filling pasta dish.  

The recipe can be found here.  I have to admit that his looks better than mine, but it was really tasty nonetheless.  

Firstly, you must remember to roast the butternut squash when you have the oven on already for something else.  I roasted mine a couple of days early, scooped it out and mashed it up.  It sat happily covered in the fridge for a few days.  Then the spinach must be cooked until quite dry, mine was a little wet and did not help with the rolling up process.   Jamie does advise you to work quickly or the pasta sheets will dry out, and even though I thought I was as quick as I could be, having everything ready, my pasta sheets did dry out a little and the resulting 'roll' was more of a three sided triangle, especially for the last three (of six).


This did not affect the flavour though, and it made a really hearty dinner with just a side salad.  Even though the finished product looked a little dry on the plate, it did not seem dry while eating it.  For the reheating today I have bought a little more passata to pour over it though.  Maybe 5 minutes less in the oven would have been better!