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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Best Brownies Ever

Well, sad to say to all you who have asked me for my recipe for the best, fudge-ist brownies ever, that this is not MY recipe.  I was given it by Sue L who has her own very good baking blog.

So here is a link to Sue L's rather excellent brownies.  She does not have a picture of them up, so next time I make a batch, I will put up a picture, but you all know that these are the ones that you say are so rich you will just have a small one and before long the fight starts over the last one.  Another upside is the fantastic rich chocolatey smell in the kitchen, nothing, no nothing smells better than this.

Sue L's best ever brownies

(Cool way to link, huh?  Cian taught me how to do that.  Thanks son!)

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