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Friday, 20 April 2012

Rich Brown Bread.

Again today I was asked for the recipe for this brown bread.  I wonder if the people who ask for this are just being polite or will they actually make it.  I dunno, I doubt it.  If everybody who asked me for recipes baked them, then we would be awash in bread makers!  This recipe has been passed around the town, with additions from half the good bakers here.   It was  a little too heavy for me, so I changed it again.  I guess it is now my recipe!!  It is easy to half the recipe, but it freezes well so I always make lots.  My daughter complains that all my recipes are too big and hard to mix, but build up those muscles and get baking.  I can't be doing with all that effort for tiny amounts of produce.

Rich Brown Bread

Preheat your oven to 190c

400g Plain Flour
8 teaspoons of bread soda
1 kg Wholemeal Flour
200 g Flake meal (porridge)
200g Pinhead oatmeal
200 Bran
200g Wheatgerm
100ml Sunflower oil
6 eggs
2 litres Buttermilk

Sieve the white flour and the bread soda together into a bowl.  

Add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix well.  Add the oil.  

Beat the eggs together and add to the rest of the ingredients.  

Add the buttermilk and mix firmly but gently until everthing is combined.  

Scrape it into 4 x 2lb greased loaf tins and bake for 45 -50 minutes until it is well browned and sounds hollow when tapped.

(I bake it in 8 x 1lb tins at home for 35 mins,  or at work, it makes 3 x  long, catering sized loaves)(We don't like crusts at work, wasteful!)  

Here is a selection of breads, squares to the front, this recipe behind and Health bread to the left.  Take your pick!  All recipes are on the blog now.


  1. My goodness these look delicious. Really like your bog Fionnuala. The images are making my tummy happy. Love, Lizzy.

    1. Thank you Lizzy. I hope you enjoy making them too. F.