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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Raspberry Lemon and Frangipane Tart

I know, Yum, right?  Could there be a better mix of  ingredients that spell SUMMER??  This was my show off tart at a friends birthday.  The recipe is here

but I really made this to (show off) no,  to celebrate a friends birthday.  This will make you drool

The amount of washing it creates will make you faint.  Was it worth it ?  Yes!  My friend said, "Look at all the work you went to, sitting up those raspberries!"  If only she knew!  That took five seconds.

I did not get a great picture of a cut slice, but my friends don't hang about.  Spoons aloft, I had to take a quick snap.  

Here is my report as I went through the steps

Well, half way! There are lots of parts to this recipe. So far, I have the pastry chilling. It is drier than my usual recipe and looks as if it will be hard to roll out. But it is sitting in the fridge at the moment, awaiting the next layers.

Next, I have made the lemon cream. This is cooling with the cling film lid on it. It has both cornflour and plain flour in it and I might have prefered cornflour on its own as it seems to have an 'floury' taste to it at the moment. However, no panic, as it will be cooked again.

Also, the frangipane layer is made and sitting awaiting the piping bag. All this done and I am only half way!!!!

Now to the washing up. I seem to have used every dish and bowl in the house.

The next day.....

The pastry was incredibly difficult to roll out, so short, it just became a heap of crumbs when I tried. So I went for my other method of rolling it into a log and slicing off coin sized pieces and placing them on the tin and pressing them together. I saw Matt Tebbutt do this and I think Jamie Oliver also and though I had never tried this myself before, it worked very well here. There was no way of rolling this pastry out any other way. All in all I prefer my own biscuit pastry recipe and would not try this one again.

The filling were easy to do as described and cooked beautifully together. I did lower the temperature for the last five minutes of cooking.

The topping went on well and it was only as I was placing the raspberries that I realised I had misread the recipe and only bought 2 x 150g of raspberries and not the 5 stated in the recipe. So I was a bit short on raspberries! I thought I did not have enough to make the jam topping and the warm jam would drop down and melt into the cream, so I sprinkled chocolate over the tart and it looked divine. Good save!

The taste was fantastic, everybody raved about it. Biscuit, lemon, almonds, cream and raspberries, how could it go wrong? I would make it again but with a different biscuit pastry recipe.


  1. Looks fantastic! I love raspberries :)

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