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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cold plates

No cooking at all, at all!

Sometimes you just don’t need to cook to have some lovely food in front of you.  When I feel like this I turn to the fantastic pig.  I think I could live without other meats, if I was left on a desert island with a pig and a few sharp knives!!!

Maybe I need a few more courses before I can produce all the lovely food that a pig has to offer, sausages, rashers, pate, hams.  Thankfully in the mean time there is the English Market in Cork and some wonderful artisan producers.  On the Pig’s Back, Iagos and the ABC bread company sell most of what was in front of me tonight.

Just because you are not cooking, does not mean that you can just shove it on the table any old way.  I recently bought some wooden table mats just for this purpose, and Yes Cian, I was practicing for a dinner party!  This is not a complicated presentation, but I think  it looks well.  The addition of some chutney, made last year from these recipes complimented everything and nothing more to do but open a nice bottle of red.  Pretty darn fantastic, even thought I say so myself 

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